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  • How It Works

    Tile helps you keep track of your things.

    Find misplaced things nearby and far away. Tile trackers and the free Tile app work with Android® and Apple® devices. Add a Premium plan for the most robust finding experience for all your Tiles.

  • You can find nearby

  • Find your things

    With Tile, you have a backup plan when you’re heading out and your keys are nowhere to be found. Just tap “Find” in the Tile app and the Tile on your keys will ring. Watch the Tile Detector’s green rings fill in as you get closer to them.

  • Smart Home Finding

    Use your voice to find things around the house. Just ask Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to find your remote, keys or anything else with a Tile on it. It’s easy to set up and hands-free finding is even faster.

  • Find Your Phone

    Lose your phone? Use any Tile, like the ones on your keys or wallet, to make your phone ring. Just double press the Tile logo button (on Sticker, button is on the side). It works even if your phone is on silent.

  • ...and you can find far away.

  • Most Recent Location

    If you lose something when you’re out and about, Tile can help you locate it. View its most recent location on a map. It’ll show you the last time it was with you or the last time your Tile app was able to locate it.

  • The all new Lost and Found

    Lost Tile? Now you can add your contact info so you can be reached when someone scans the QR code on the back of it.

  • Tile Network

    You can also tap “Notify When Found” so the Tile Network -- every phone running the Tile app and our Network Extenders -- can help locate your lost item. Each device on our network is able to help locate Tile trackers and send location updates to your Tile app. Anonymously, of course.

  • Tile Premium Plan

    Get the most from your Tile-enabled devices.

    Subscribe to Premium for Smart Alert notifications which let you know when you leave your partner product behind.

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  • Tile + Partners

    Making more things findable

    In addition to our trackers, Tile finding power is built-in to many other products from your favorite brands. So finding them is easy too. And the Tile app works with Android® and Apple® devices so everyone can find their stuff.

  • Get Started Now

    Download the Tile app and follow the simple in-app instructions to activate your Tile.